Apart from operating 24 hour centers in our various branches, we are also available to our clients 24/7 in a number of other services to meet their needs in any emergency situation. Contact us to know all 24/7 accesses we grant our clients.
The Medfocus Emergency Team (MET) is a highly skilled emergency response team certified in Advanced Cardiac and Trauma Life Support, with well-equipped Land and Air Ambulance Vehicles, dedicated to first class emergency evacuation and patient monitoring services.
We have a mixture of Ghanaian and Expatriate Emergency Medical Technicians. This helps combine the intimate knowledge of navigating our complex local health system with the expertise of seasoned paramedics trained in Europe and South Africa.
This fosters a keen transfer of knowledge, which ultimately translates into quick response time, expert in-transit patient care, and seamless transition of clients into local Health Care Centres during referrals.
Medfocus Clients have access to this 24hr Rapid Medical Response Team at all our centres Nationwide 24/7; activated by using our Emergency HOTLINES.