Medfocus International is a Ghanaian health Services Company established to bring efficient emergency health care services to its clients in crucial times. Medfocus understands the need for a reliable and efficient health care delivery service with the patients being our key focus. Our medical consultancy and emergency health services is fashioned out to support individual, families, corporate bodies and institutions both large and small.

Our team is a network of experienced consultants /specialists, medical practitioners, nurses, paramedics with several years of hands-on knowledge in both local and international medical practice.

Medfocus International offers its clients a comprehensive health facilitation service with its flagship being 24/7 Emergency Cover. Our services include access to emergency hot line service, Comprehensive health plan, Occupational health safety, International health facilitation plan (IHFP) and Third Party Advisory Services (TPA).

Our Vision:

Medfocus strides to become the leading indigenous emergency and preventive health service provider, offering our clients excellent access to health care in Ghana and the Africa region.

Our Mission:

•To provide a reliable and prompt emergency health care service during critical health situations with the aim to minimizing complication and restoring vitality to our clients whiles maintaining a high sense of professionalism. We seek to train institutions, health professionals and the lay public on the handling of emergency situations.

•To contribute to the well-being of our society by providing efficient health care delivery to every patient through a reliable emergency system, integrated clinical practice, research and advocacy.